Superb Honda SuperSport Eden By Bandit9 Motorcycles


Known as the Eden, these bikes are the brainchildren of Philippine-born Daryl Villanueva, the creator of Bandit9 Motorcycles in Vietnam. And as an engineer and mechanic, Daryl focuses on building such after-market futuristic motorcycles for riders who share his vision. This bike, in particular, is built off a Honda SuperSport, hosting a 125cc engine that appears to seamlessly suspend itself absent the subframe.

More info: Bandit9 (h/t: hiconsumption)


In fact, the entire unibody of the bike is made from handcrafted steel with a sculpted exhaust to that runs almost directly under the seat. It also features a titan headlight with gold trim, a black marble gas cap, arc swing arm, an LED brake light integrated right into the cognac-brown leather seat, and a dual shock rear suspension.


Prices are $11,900 for the gold and $10,950 for the chrome.


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