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The DiDia 150: A 1.3Mil USD Masterpiece of Style and Innovation


Have you ever dreamed of owning a one-of-a-kind car that combines luxury, style and performance? If so, you might be interested in learning more about the 1960 DiDia 150, also known as the “Dream Car”.

This stunning vehicle was designed by fashion designer Andy Di Dia and later owned by singer Bobby Darin, who drove it to the Academy Awards in 1961. The DiDia 150 is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. It was built in Detroit, Michigan, over a period of seven years and cost $150,000 to make (equivalent to about $1.3 million today). It features a sleek body made of soft aluminum, with eye-catching rear fins and ruby red hubcaps.



The car has a powerful Ford engine that can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. But the DiDia 150 is not just about looks and speed. It also has some amazing features that make it a comfortable and convenient ride. For example, it has a glass cockpit in the back that offers a panoramic view of the road. It has a square-shaped steering wheel that is easy to grip and maneuver.


It has an advanced air conditioning system that adjusts to the temperature of each passenger. It has hidden windshield wipers that activate automatically when it rains. And it has swiveling turn signals, floating bumpers and a trunk that opens from the driver’s side. The DiDia 150 is truly a dream car that showcases the creativity and vision of its designer and owner.


It is currently on display at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation, where you can admire its beauty and elegance. If you are a fan of classic cars, you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to see this gem of automotive history.


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