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Anti-Surveillance Fashion Designed To Trigger And Inject Junk Data In To Automated License Plate Readers

The fabric on this garment is designed to trigger Automated License Plate Readers, adding unhelpful data to the systems used to surveil our communities. Look fabulous in an all-over printed, body-hugging crop top.

For the pattern to have a maximum effect, it’s ideal for the fabric to hang straight so that the text is not excessively warped. For this reason, you may want to consider sizing up if you intend for it to read in to ALPRs effectively.

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How It Works

The patterns on this shirt were generated by testing a series of modified license plate images with commercial ALPR APIs, working to generate aesthetic fabric patterns that read in to devices and services as if they were real plates.

The patterns are designed to trigger Automated License Plate Readers, injecting junk data in to the systems used by the State and its contractors to monitor and track civilians and their locations.

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