Fantastic Minimalist Japanese Cruiser 1989 Nissan Neo-X Concept That Was Ahead Of Its Time


According to Chicago Tribune, November 19, 1989: “Perhaps the two most intriguing designs at the show [Tokyo Motor Show, 1989] were the Nissan Neo-X and Mitsubishi HSR-II, experimental vehicles that provide a glimpse of how personal transporation may evolve in the 21st Century.”

h/t: chicagotribune


“The central computer, or “brain,“ in the Neo-X is linked with a variety of smaller microprocessors, sensors and actuators to provide simultaneous control of all major systems, including engine, transmission, suspension, steering and brakes.”


“Neo-X incorporates such state-of-the-art technology as computer-controlled all-wheel drive with hydraulic active suspension and four-wheel steering. Also installed is an infrared night-vision device, with camera and cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor, plus a laser/radar rear warning system and a holographic head-up display for vehicle speed and warnings.”


“The center console includes a navigation system with color LCD display that uses touch-screen technology for climate control and audio-video devices.”


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