Inspirational Portraits Of Working Women By The Photographer Chris Crisman

A truck driver, butcher and firefighter are some of the subjects in the latest project by the photographer Chris Crisman. This series portrays women at work and focuses on occupations traditionally seen as male dominated.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Firefighter Mindy Gabriel, from Upper Arlington, Ohio.

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Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Mira Nakashima, a designer and woodworker at George Nakashima Woodworking in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Leeann Johnson, a haul truck driver at the Round Mountain goldmine in Nevada.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Nancy Poli, a pig farmer at Stryker Farms, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Carol Warn, a leach pad operator at the Marigold Mining Company in Valmy, Nevada.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Jordan Ainsworth, a mill operator at Round Mountain goldmine in Round Mountain, Nevada.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Alison Goldblum, a property developer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Heather Marold Thomason, butcher and owner of Primal Supply Meats in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Sadie Samuels, a lobster fisher from Rockport, Maine.

Photo by Chris Crisman/The Guardian
Christina Burris, a brewer and operations manager at St Benjamin’s Brewing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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