Tiny Dancers Among Us: Jordan Matter Captures Amazing Photos Of Dancing Kids

Jordan Matter is a talented portrait and dance photographer from New York City, whose work has been featured on the BBC, CBS and NBC and newspapers around the world. Best known for his previous works “Dancers Among Us”, “Dancers After Dark” and “Athletes Among Us“, Jordan was inspired by his kids, Hudson and Salish, to create his latest project titled “Tiny Dancers Among Us”.

More info: Jordan Matter, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

While playing with his son, Jordan thought about creating photographs that would show the world as if through his boy’s eyes. The tittle “Tiny Dancers”was inspired by his daughter when she did an Arabesque in front of the camera while being in the snow. Through this book, Jordan wants to show how fearless, playful and innocent kids are, things that inspire him to be a better adult and enjoy life with less cynicism, boredom, and indifference.

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