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Incredible Photos of The British Red Phone Box Graveyard on The Edge of London

Red Phone Box Graveyard 1
Ian T (@Officially_IT)

London’s iconic red telephone boxes, once a staple for communication, have now become more of a backdrop for tourists’ photos, symbolizing their visit to England. With the advent of mobile phones, these boxes lost their original purpose and many fell into disrepair.


Red Phone Box Graveyard 2
Ian T (@Officially_IT)

However, Unicorn Restorations, a company dedicated to preserving these pieces of British history, has created the largest ‘telephone box graveyard’ in Merstham, Surrey. Here, they collect and restore these pre-loved boxes that were once left to rust. The restoration process involves up to 30 hours of work per kiosk, including stripping, repainting in the original red shades specified by the General Post Office, and installing new glass. Once restored, these boxes can fetch prices ranging from just under £4,000 to as much as £20,000.

Red Phone Box Graveyard 3
Ian T (@Officially_IT)

The company offers three classic models of red telephone kiosks: the K2, the K6, and the K8. The K6, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1935 to commemorate King George V’s Silver Jubilee, is considered the most recognizable model. Approximately 60,000 K6 boxes were installed across Britain, making it the quintessential red phone box. The K2, created in 1926, is considered the original phone box, while the K8 was introduced in 1968.

Red Phone Box Graveyard 4
Red Phone Box Graveyard 5
Red Phone Box Graveyard 6
Red Phone Box Graveyard 7
Red Phone Box Graveyard 9
Red Phone Box Graveyard 10
Red Phone Box Graveyard 11
Red Phone Box Graveyard 12

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