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Russian Photographer Exposed That Social Networks Map You For Facial Recognition

Welcome to the Orwellian world! We always doubted that it’s just a matter of time when world elites will control us in a totally automatic and digital way, thought we never expected that we will actually help them.

More info: FindFace (h/t: slavforum, birdinflight)

Pioneers of the Orwellian future where everything will be controlled digitally are certainly Social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and they have been mapping your faces for years now. All those pictures of you, with your friends in various positions or laughing, being sad are all data that has been free-willingly contributed to Facebook by yourself. In other words “Your Face is Big Data” and that is the title of a scary project made by a Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov.

He has shown us how easy is to gather information about complete strangers. Egor has made over 100 pictures of random commuters in St. Petersburg subway, because it’s easy to take pictures of people that sit across you. Then he used a “FindFace” app to track their internet profiles and results he received are beyond scary.

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