New York Architects Plan Enormous Skyscraper Hanging From An Asteroid In Space

A New York architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office is proposing a design for the world’s tallest building Analemma Tower, which would hang down from the sky suspended by air cables attached to an asteroid.

More info: Clouds Architecture Office (h/t: forbes)

“Analemma inverts the traditional diagram of an earth-based foundation, instead depending on a space-based supporting foundation from which the tower is suspended. This system is referred to as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS),” Clouds Architecture Office said in a statement.

“By placing a large asteroid into orbit over earth, a high strength cable can be lowered towards the surface of earth from which a super tall tower can be suspended. Since this new tower typology is suspended in the air, it can be constructed anywhere in the world and transported to its final location.”

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