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Polish Photographer Travels Across The European Landmarks To Capture The Sadeness Beauty Of Abandoned Locations

Amazing abandoned shots by Natalia Sobańska, a talented self-taught photographer, adventurer, and urbex explorer based in Poland. Natalia focuses mainly on abandoned and architecture photography. She travelled all over Poland, Montenegro, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Abkhazia, Georgia, and other countries to capture the beauty of lost places.

“My name is Natalia Sobanska and I like to visit abandoned places. It first started when I was teenage girl, after moving to a new place, this time to the suburbs. For a teenager it was fucking disaster. Apart from the fact of the hundredth change in friends and the fact that I didn’t know anyone there. I needed something to do, but there was nothing. I didn’t have internet (in 2004 it wasn’t as accessible as it is now). There was nothing , not even ordinary pubs, or a park, nothing. It was just charming cattle town. I was a rebellious minor, and the befits of a rebellious young woman, I truanted as much as I could. But.. Where you can go when in in the area is nothing intresting for you? Well …there was something. A few abandoned places .. And that’s how it all began.”

More: Natalia Sobańska, Instagram, Facebook h/t: photogrist

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