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Star Wars Spacecrafts Flies Over Rice Fields In Malaysia: An Artist Combines His Love For His Hometown With His Passion To Star Wars

A “Star Wars” superfan has brought the universe to his backyard. Amateur photographer Zahir Batin, from Selangor in Malaysia, added stormtroopers, X-wings and other famous sights to his native Tanjong Karang rice fields.

An Imperial AT-ST Walker moves through the Malaysian rice fields:

The Malaysian snapper decided to combine his love for his hometown with his passion for the out-of-this-world space opera and, in particular, the toys. The amazing shots show TIE fighters on fire flying overhead and AT-AT walking tanks towering over tiny children, as well as Dark Side forces marching through the countryside.

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A Jawa transporter in the Malaysian rice fields:

An imperial shuttle spacecraft Star Wars spacecraft flies over rice fields in Malaysia:

Tie fighters fly over the rice fields of Malaysia:

Tie fighters fly over the rice fields of Malaysia:

An Ewok in the Malaysian country side:

Darth Vader’s advanced Tie Fighter beams up an imperial droid:

A Rebel X-Wing fighter spacecraft flies over the rice fields of Malaysia:

The Millennium Falcon chases three Imperial Tie fighters:

Two X Wing fighters fly over the Malaysian rice fields:

Three R2 units take in the Malaysian landscape:

A little boy attempts to take on the emperor:

A Nubian Royal Starship hovers over the Malaysian rice fields:

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