Artist Takes 20 Different Drugs And Creates 20 Illustrations To Show Drug Effects


Graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, pusha-ed himself to the limit by doing a new drug every day for twenty days and making art. The San Francisco-based artist said he “wanted to create opportunities to educate, whether related to psychedelics or art.”

h/t: boredpanda, aplus

Day 1 — Butylone

“Imagine the past, future, and linear time are gone,” Pollett explained to A+. “You can just focus on your existence in the present. The idea of tomorrow is laughable. I can create art without concern of outsider judgment, without over analyzing my process, and intuitively enjoy creating the most honest work.”

Day 2 — G.H.B.

We strongly recommend you do not try this.

Day 3 — Codeine

Day 4 — T.H.C.

Day 5 — Alcohol

Day 6 — Nitrous

Day 7 — Cocaine

Day 8 — Psilocybin

Day 9 — 4-HO-MIPT

Day 10 — Poppers

Day 11 — DMT

Day 12 — Ether

Day 13 — 25I

Day 14 — MXE

Day 15 — MDMA

Day 16 — Amphetamine

Day 17 — Mescaline

Day 18 — Ketamine

Day 19 — LSD

Day 20 — Love

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