Artist Breaks The Traditional Masculinized Image Of Famous People By Taking Them To Their Pink World

Scott Scheidly is an artist from Ohio, currently based in Orlando, Florida, who calls himself surrealist at heart. His series “The Pinks” has some of that vibe too since Scheidly decided to depict infamous historical figures in a completely new light – fabulous pink.

As the artist says himself, this series “explores the cultural and social implications of color and symbology and how the predefined notions that accompany these perceptions can alter one’s identity and subsequent world view.” Scheidly depicts either hyper-masculinized or historically infamous figures and mocks them using social/sexual satire.

The artist enjoys making people laugh and with this series, he continues to do so.

“However, I do get negative feedback form some people which in a way I also enjoy. As long as I’m making individuals think outside the box I’m happy.”

More info: Scott Scheidly, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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