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Cleverly Pointing Out The Ironies Of Life Through the Socially Disturbing Illustrations of Jeff Mahannah

If you’ve come across Jeff Mahannah on Instagram or any of his art you probably won’t forget it in a hurry! The talented artist’s drawings and comics are unique, shocking and genius! They might not be everyone’s taste but he doesn’t care about that, why should he? Through colourful, graphic, comic drawings Jeff illustrates the ironies and flaws of today’s society.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan; Jeff Mahannah is an American comic and poster artist who cleverly depicts the ironies of life through his drawings. Shocking and mostly jarring, his witty comics feature a wide array of topics – from self-love to infidelity and life in general. In an interview, Jeff said that his art is not for everyone and he totally understands that some people don’t get/like it.

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