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Propaganda Pictures Of The Vietnam War From The Enemy Side

1972 – Nam Can forest

Western memories of the Vietnam War are shaped by photographers working with the American and South Vietnamese forces. These images from the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong are less common. These pictures were taken by amateurs and photojournalists working with the Vietnam News Agency, the National Liberation Front and the North Vietnamese Army. They are sensational.

h/t: flashbak

September 1965 – training in Thanh Tri

1973 – Building the bombed Ham Rong Bridge

May 1975

Sept. 15, 1970 – Ca Mau Peninsula

March 1971 – Laotian guerrillas

Mekong Delta – 1974

1973 – A 24-year-old Viet Cong fighter in the Mekong Delta

AJ 310, piloted by Lt. Stephen Owen Musselman, which was downed near Hanoi on Sept. 10, 1972

1966- Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Truong Son Mountains

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