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Photographer Paul Huf Captured Amazing Fashion Photoshoot In The Soviet Union In 1965

Paul Huf (1924-2002) was an iconic Dutch photographer. He started his career in 1946 at the “Comedia theater company”. In the Fifties, he became famous thanks to his portraits of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands and Prince Bernhard. He also shot advertisings and fashion photos particulary with the model Ann Pickford. These photos are particulary elegant and graceful.

In the sixties, he captured the Swinging London and shot iconic fashion photoshoots. He worked mostly for the Dutch fashion magazines Avenue and Margriet. His photos were creative, innovative, amusing, lively and joyful. The models’s poses were very different from the Fifties (more natural, more in movement, interactions between models.)

In 1965, he was the first photographer to be given permission to take fashion photographs in the Kremlin, in the Soviet Union, together with models Sonja Bakker and Femke van de Bosch.

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