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This Couple Shot Baby Photos With A Burrito And It’s Hilarious


Comedian MK Paulsen and Ella Gale decided that the time had come in their relationship to share in a newborn baby photoshoot.

h/t: sobadsogood


Their only challenge? The couple didn’t actually have a new born baby. But they didn’t let that slow them down at all. Instead of posing with a baby, the goofy couple took dozens of cliche photos with a burrito.


“After a difficult delivery, Ella and I are absolutely THRILLED to share these pictures of our perfectly loved new little burrito. We spent time recently with Erin Holsonback to take these magical photos. Please feel free to share with friends and family as we continue to feel the blessings of our own sweet burrito.”, says MK Paulsen.


The “Burrito Makes Three” series was shot by their friend Erin Holsonback. The series accurately mimics all the cheesy poses couples usually strike with their new born babe. The results are utterly hilarious.


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