This Guy Made His Dream Of Sleeping With Celebrities Come True… With Photoshop

While most of us won’t get the chance to hang out with our favorite celebrities in real life, that doesn’t mean we can’t use our technical abilities to make it look like we have. In the last few years or so there’s been a surge in people doctoring themselves into photos of celebrities. Often times it looks like we were at a celebrity party or being buddy buddy with the biggest names in show business. Sadly these are just fantasy but the photos are entertaining nonetheless.

More info: Instagram (h/t: tvovermind)

I came across a very funny collection of said pictures today by the Instagram user “Average Rob.” (previously featured) Instead of inserting himself into photos of celebrities in a “fun” way, he’s done it in a very “tired” way. Rob decided to mix pictures of himself sleeping with that of celebrities. And he’s done it quite well.

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