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Running In The Night: The Superb ’80s Cyberpunk Artworks By Daniele Gasparini

Daniele Gasparini is an Italian freelance artist who loves art, graphism and web. He created The Skie Graphic Studio project in Rome in 2007. Graduated in graphic design from a school in Rome, he is currently working as webmaster and graphic designer in Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC). His influences are large: video games, films, art, books, 90’s and also apocalyptic and retro vibes…

All the creations of the artist are just cyberpunk (genre of science fiction that often depicts a violent and pessimistic technologically advanced society) scenes.

As he explains: “I love technology, but it makes me a little scared. I think the machines one day will rule man; man is loosing control. It is a pessimistic vision, but I think we should do something about it, restore the human relationship.”

More: Instagram h/t: fubiz

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