“Canvas, Oil & Cat Memes”: Norwegian Artist Paints Pictures With Popular Cats On The Internet

Espen Olsen Sætervik is a Norwegian artist. Judging by his biography on Twitter and ArtStation, he is now working on a game called Halo Infinite.

But the Norwegian is also known for his art and paintings. Soterwick has a series of “northern” landscapes — he draws them, inspired by the nature of Norway. At the same time, Sætervik has both physical paintings drawn with brushes and fully digital ones.

On August 3, Sætervik confessed on Twitter that he loves some of the most popular cats on the Internet. So he painted pictures with them in his own style. Heroes are a variety of pets: from Grumpy Cat to a cat asking for corn rings and a cat from a restaurant where two women shout.

Sætervik later published his works in high resolution for personal use. And if you wish, you can buy an artwork in the form of real paintings.

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