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“When God Comes Back”: Dark Brutal Macabre Illustrations by Ash Thorp

Ash Thorp is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and creative director for a multitude of media, including feature films, commercial enterprises, and print. With an exceptional style of his own, Ash quickly gained recognition for his astounding UI (user interface) graphics in Ender’s Game and Total Recall. Thorp has also contributed to the design direction and concepts for Spectre (James Bond), Person of Interest, Prometheus, X-men First Class, the Amazing Spiderman 2, Call of Duty, and many more games and films.

In 2013, Thorp launched his own creative design corporation named ALT Creative, Inc. and serves as President of the firm.Thorp also founded and hosts The Collective Podcast. He created the podcast to connect and share experiences with creatives from all realms of media, including visual effects artists, designers, illustrators, and programmers. Thorp elevated his career from designer to creative director. His first directorial debut in 2014 involved a Ghost in the Shell tribute titled Project 2501.

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