“Empowered Women”: Meet Jessa, The Nude Blogger

Jessa, who goes by The Nude Blogger on her Instagram and her website, is as body-positive and empowering as you can imagine. She confidently posts beautiful photos of herself completely nude out with mother nature. She’s a wildly free spirit, which is what makes her so unique and inspiring.

“I empower myself by living a life out of intention rather than habit, out of truth rather than convenience, and out of compassion rather than indifference,” she told Nymph NYC. “This means making mindful decisions and living consciously, in all aspects of my life. This extends to what I eat, to what I purchase, to the relationships I invest my time in, to the activities I partake in etc etc… aligning my actions with my intentions has been truly liberating. It is the realisation that we have control of the decisions we make…each and every time, every second of the day. This realisation is powerfully potent. It is empowering! To truly grasp this concept has led me to evolve into the most empowered version of my Self.”

More info: The Nude Blogger, Instagram (h/t: nymphnyc)

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