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MINI Roadtrip Doodle: 7 Day Road Trip Across 5 Countries, 12 European Cities, 2,452km, 1 Plane, 2 Cars, 3 Boats, 5 People

According to the artist Steve Simpson: “The idea of road trip with a classic white mini and a bag of sharpies sounded like the trip of a lifetime and it was. But there was a huge amount of prep work involved too. We had the car covered in a matt white vinyl so it was possible to rough out in pencil.”

“Each panel needed to tell a club/city story and needed to be researched and designed in advance. I also wanted all the panels to be connected by a road. The bit I was most worried about was the physical act of drawing on the car. I printed out a panel from the side of the car at actual size and stuck it to the wall of my office so I could get a sense of how difficult it was going to be lying on the floor and drawing on a vertical panel. I quickly came to the conclusion it’s physically impossible to draw anything less than 20″ of the ground.”

More info: Steve Simpson, Instagram, Facebook, Behance

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