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Glorious Pieces Of Handwriting In The Most Unusual Places


Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. Here: this perfectly written name on a coffee cup.

h/t: buzzfeed

This carefully written “thank you” on a receipt:

This random but beautiful C on a Chipotle box:

This script-like handwriting on a whiteboard:

This wonderfully neat message in a birthday card:

And this message left at a hotel:

These study notes, which deserve to be hung up and framed:

And these, which could be easily mistaken for love letters:

This neat-as-hell notice left on a car:

This sweetly drawn name on a takeout container:

This permission slip that could have been written by a god instead of a teacher:

This elegant graffiti on a car:

This oddly satisfying menu:

This brilliantly aligned coincidence:

This excellently written feedback:

This sleek AF sign outside of a pub:

And this daintily drawn “nice”:

This surprisingly neat sign in an elevator:

This smart and tidy note on a truck:

This dignified train notice:

And the prettiest menu you’ve ever seen:

The prescription:

This teacher with a skill:

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