Stunning Dark And Relevant Charcoal Drawings By Trevor Guthrie

Trevor Guthrie makes large-format charcoal drawings of familiar genres such as still life, landscape, portrait and figurative art. His pictures are mysterious narratives or scenes of creatures in bedrooms or offices or flying where they should`t be.

There is also a combination of morbidity and humor in Guthrie`s drawings, he is known for works that touch on darker political themes or notorious figures from the past that almost prophetically relate to today`s stormy political times. Guthrie uses his virtuoso drawing skills to great effect with an articulation of the medium unusual to charcoal’s history, He quoted as saying he is not interested in photorealism or hyper-realism.

“I work with sticks of charcoal like the caveman did 40 thousand years ago, if you see my work up close instead of on a small screen, you can see my rough handwork which I refer to as symphonies of mistakes”.

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