One Photographer’s Quest To Bring Space Down To Earth While Protecting The Environment

Russian photographer Alexander Ivanec has launched the #diveinsideyourspace project to raise awareness about the environment.

“When the cosmonaut appeared, the idea just sparked and I understood that one can feel as if he’s in space by making these photos on Earth. I started looking for atmospheric phenomenon to photograph. Soon I understood that space is here. I dive into it during shooting.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: rbth)

“I shoot with film cameras, not digital. When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, they took the first pictures with a Hasselblad camera. So I film using the same camera and I feel a certain connection.”

“My team and I have made the first costume ourselves. It did not turn out as good as we imagined: The oxygen module on the cosmonaut’s back looks like a mattress. But it wasn’t a serious idea initially; we only wanted to have fun.”

“This project urges people to protect the environment. The majority of people, myself included, spend 90 percent of our time in offices and forget about other things around us. We are moving away from nature. The goal is to show a deeper meaning behind the project.”

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