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Spectacular Winning Images of The Global SinoPhoto Awards

Overall winner
Li Huaifeng: Dancing Dreams of a Mountain Girl, Shanxi 2020

An image titled The Dancing Dreams of a Mountain Girl, depicting a young mountain girl dancing for her grandmother in a village in China, is the overall winner of an international photo competition celebrating Chinese culture. The Global SinoPhoto awards invited photographers to tell Chinese stories, imagining, interpreting and inspiring connections between Chinese culture and the rest of the world. The awards covered four categories: water (as 2022 is the year of the water tiger), home, work and play, and environment.

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Water winner
Huang Jianjun: Seeking, Yeqing, Wenzhou, China, 2016

Environment winner
Yang Tongyu: Seasonal Sea, Qingdao, 2016

Home winner
Huang Qingjun: Family Stuff – The Golden Anniversary Couple, Heilongjiang, 2017

Highly commended, water category
Adrian Bradshaw: Swimmer, Bejing, 1985

Li Huaifeng: Double Act, Shandong, 2018

Rataj Arek: Bus 116, Shijiazhuang, China, 2016

Li Jianping: Shadow Puppets, Shandong, 2020

Wu Wei: Grandpa’s Old Birdcages, Chengdu, 2021

Yu Qiyong: Eroded Oasis, Yunnan, China

Zhao Jinli: Shepherd on an Ancient Road, Longwan Canyon, Gansu, China, 2017

Jiang Xinhe: The Shipyard, Liaoning, 2017

Wen Dong: Micro World, Fujian, 2017

Yevhen Samuchenko: Two Ice Creams, Black Sea, 2017

Cindy Lin: Family Home, UK, 2020

Huang Jianjun: Steaming Buns, Zhejiang 2020

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