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Fascinating Photographs Capture Daily Life In Russia Just After The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

Norilsk, bus stop. 1993.

These fascinating color photos were made by a French photographer Jean-Paul Guilloteau, who visited Russia right after the collapse of the USSR. For most Russians these shots will cause nostalgic feelings. The photos show the Russian country that was already done with Communism but at that point Russia still didn’t know which way exactly should they go on next…

h/t: vintag.es

Norilsk, a passerby with egg packaging. 1993.

Norilsk. “October” Porch mine management. 1993.

Norilsk. Sobering. 1993.

Norilsk. On one of the streets of the city. 1993.

Grozny. January 12, 1995. The beginning of the First Chechen War.

Grozny. A wounded woman. January 1995.

Moscow. The waiting room at the Belorussky Railway Station. 1991.

Port of Providence, the Bering Strait. At the grocery store. 1991.

Krasnoyarsk. Women painters in the river port. 1993.

Yenisei between Abakan and Krasnoyarsk. 1993.

Peter Romanov, CEO of Chemical Plant in Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei”, which employs thirty thousand people in 1993. Krasnoyarsk, 1993.

Costin. 1399 km from Krasnoyarsk on the Yenisei. Erika Gerlits, from the Volga Germans, was deported to Kostino in August 1941, when she was 16 years old. 1993.

Yenisei between Abakan and Krasnoyarsk. 1993.

St. Petersburg. The boy on the street. 1994.

Port of Providence, the Bering Strait. Local power.

Moscow. The queue to the cashier in a department store, “Detsky Mir”. 1991.

Port of Providence, the Bering Strait. Tube power. 1991.

Port of Providence, the Bering Strait. Classes of accordion at music school.

Moscow. Turn on the street in the department store “Children’s World.”

Moscow. Boy on the podium “Dynamo” stadium during a football match.

Moscow. The interior of the restaurant “McDonald’s”. 1996.

The staff of the hotel “Central” on its back yard. Ul. Gorky, 1991.

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