Russian Artist Creates Gorgeous Beaded Insects Completely By Hand – Design You Trust

Russian Artist Creates Gorgeous Beaded Insects Completely By Hand

Some people fear insects, and to be true they really look kinda weird. But these handmade beetles scare me only with the impossible skill that their creator has mastered.

Nadezhda Belokon’ is a craftswoman from Ulyanovsk, Russia. She took her creative path in 2013 and tried herself in different types of art. Some time ago she got interested in creating jewelry with beads and gemstones. The artist uses only high-quality Japanese beads and beautiful rear stones. But look at the precious brooches, pendants and earrings she makes! Even cockroaches look exquisite in this shape. They amaze with the anatomical accuracy and beauty compared to Nature herself. Enjoy viewing!

More info: Nadezhda Belokon’ (h/t: boredpanda)

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