Planet Pins: Tiny Hand-Painted Solar System Stationery

Hold the entire solar system in the palm of your hand with this unique set of planet push pins. Add a bit of outer-space to your home & office space. The 8 planet shapes are moulded in the UK over german-made, black steel pins, then sent to Tokyo where they are painstakingly brush painted by hand and assembled into their serial-numbered, polished-acrylic display cases.

More info: Duncan Shotton, Kickstarter

Created by Duncan Shotton, a British designer who currently lives in Tokyo.

Also available are single Moon pins:

Each moon has a number of tiny craters, including a small arrangement reflecting the famous “the man in the moon” image. The flag of the USA is printed on the card insert that is set behind each pin, so it appears as if in its iconic setting, lanced into the moon’s surface, on a backdrop of starry, starry cosmos.

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