It Only Takes $100 To Turn Your Yard Into A Parallel Dimension With This 6-Foot-Tall Demogorgon Sprinkler – Design You Trust

It Only Takes $100 To Turn Your Yard Into A Parallel Dimension With This 6-Foot-Tall Demogorgon Sprinkler

With the new season of “Stranger Things” being released just a couple of weeks ago, all of the biggest fans have already binge-watched it whole. So what’s next? Definitely the long year ahead of waiting for another season. The good news is that Season 4 has been confirmed by the producer, Shawn Levy. So while we wait, it’s a good time to enjoy some awesome reminders of the show. And what could be better than a giant Demogorgon sprinkler placed in your backyard?

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Yes, you’ve read it right. BigMouth Inc is selling Demogorgon Yard Sprinklers: “We the creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality, fun novelty items. Our specialty is an assortment of original, humorous products targeting practical jokers of all ages.”

While the monster which inhabits the realms of the Upside Down is not the most pleasant creature to look at, the company manufacturing the sprinkler made it look rather cute and definitely not as creepy.

Adorned with spiky teeth, the flowering head of a monster, and a giant purple body, The BigMouth Inc. Demogorgon Yard Sprinkler may look terrifying but trust us when we say it’s nothing but fun.

BigMouth Inc’s Giant Inflatable Sprinkler is super simple to set up and use. Just inflate it and connect a standard garden hose. Turn on the water and voila! Water starts flowing out of the Demogorgon’s head!

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