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Pac-Man Suit Takes A Bite Out Of Corporate Fashion


Opposuits are the unique reply to stuffy office fashion. Founded in 2010, the company provides memorable, stylishly cut, polyester suits for just 99 USD. Need a Jack-O-Lantern suit for Halloween? Opposuits has you covered. Or what about a Pac-Man suit, for that solo night at the bar?

h/t: boredpanda, mymodernmet


“Our strengths lie in our core beliefs,” states the Opposuits website. “We still stand by the same values today as we did three years ago. We want to provide men with quality, yet affordable suits. Our suits represent men who don’t take themselves too seriously but still want to maintain a sense of style. Over the last couple of years we have proven that there’s a substantial group of men out there who think the same.”


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