“Sky Crystals”: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Snowflakes By The Scientist Photographer Don Komarechka

Don Komarechka/Instagram

These images capture the intricate details of minuscule snowflakes, moments before they melt. The shots were taken by Don Komarechka, who has had a lifelong fascination with all things macro – especially snowflakes.

The professional photographer says people often don’t believe that his pictures are real because they’re so perfect.

The Canadian said, “These photos were all taken 2 feet from my back door over the past two winters”.

We’re looking at the intricate details of ice crystals that form in the atmosphere and fall to earth. Snowflakes can possess unending beauty and detail even in a single crystal measuring only a few millimeters in diameter. Here: Who has had a lifelong fascination with all things macro and especially snowflakes.

“These photos were all taken two feet from my back door over the past two winters,” he added.

More info: Don Komarechka, Instagram, 500px, Flickr

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