13 Of The Best Photos From The First Half Of The B&W Child Photography Competition 2019

Reflections. By Natalia Chingina, Russia (3rd Place in the Fine Art category)

B&W Child Photo Competition is the biggest international photo competition that showcases the very best of black and white child photography from around the globe every year. Ever since 2014, we are giving emerging child photographers priceless exposure and a chance to be discovered.

The competition hands out awards in 4 different categories: Portrait category, Lifestyle category, Fine Art category, Documentary & Street category. Feel free to have a scroll through the winner’s gallery from the first half of our B&W CHILD 2019 Annual International Photo Competition.

More: B&W Child Photography Competition h/t: boredpanda

Dragonfly. By Oliwia Major, Netherlands (2nd place in the Portrait category)

The Boy & The Earth, Ghana. By Antoine Jonquire, France (1st place in the Portrait category)

Welcome To This World. By Ania Wibig, Poland (2nd place in the Documentary & Street category)

Two Sides. By Mariola Glajcar, Poland (3rd place in the Portrait category)

Desire. By Ya Kuang, China (1st place in the Documentary & Street category

Joseph, 11, Ghana. By Antoine Jonquire (3rd place in the Documentary & Street category)

A Rainy Day. By Sven Berger (3rd place in the Documentary & Street category)

Waiting For Dawn. By Helen Whittle, Australia (2nd place in the Fine Art category)

Dark. By Kamila J. Gruss, Poland (1st place in the Fine Art category)

Noodles At Four Am. By Helen Whittle, Australia (1st place in the Lifestyle category)

Safe In The Egg By Caroline Hodge, UK (2nd place in the Lifestyle category)

Boy And Bucket. By Tracy Botica, Australia (3rd place in the Lifestyle category)

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