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Best Photos of Mountain Summit Contest 2011

Mountains are made of rock. They don’t usually move. But they do generate plenty of motion: they allow for streams to carve their way through their slopes. They create habitats for animals and plants. And they are shaped by wind and weather. For us humans, they are a recreational destination, a playground and in a way, a “gym”. Everything in them that moves or is moved is part of “Mountain.Moves”.

In cooperation with partners of eight countries and the support of the IMS, KIKU wants to acknowledge creativity and the powers of observation of all mountain lovers. The best photos will be rewarded with a special prize and the photographers invited to the award ceremony at the IMS. A selection of pictures will be exposed in the city center of Brixen/Bressanone, Italy.

by Marco Cassol



by Andrea Masutti

by Andrea Fuga

by luca maria canni ferrari

by laura carollo

by Francesco Garzoni

by Alice Tambellini



by Francesca Turnaturi

by Sergey Bolkin

by Vincenzo Lembo

by Alessandro Passerini


by Ole Yssing

by Marco Anselmi

by Sebastian Bender

by Günther Götsch

by pietro giannitti

by Andreas Lattner

by Ralf Neuland

by Marcel Dykiert

by Marcel Dykiert

by Benno Beck

by Rainer Großkopf

by Stefan Pecher

by Julia Thaler

by Julia Thaler

by Hans jun. Schwaiger

by Christian Rehfeld

by Moritz Zeilinger

by Herbert Enne

by Thomas Moraus

by Georg Arnstein

by Thomas Schabasser

by Christian Koncz

by Christoph Dietmaier

by Monika Mehlmauer

by Michael Maili

by matthias aigner

by Sarah Trixl

by giovanni spitale

by Romi Burianova

by Kamil Tamiola

by Alessandra Meniconzi

by Stefano Venturi

by Timophei Tsvetkov

by Aleks Gostev

by Katerina Svetlaya

by Katerina Svetlaya

by Anton Jankovoy

by Anton Jankovoy

by Kirill Ivanov

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