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Artist Combines Cats & Food In A Cute Culinary Collaboration

Cats and food; sure, they are awesome in their own right, but together they are a truly wondrous partnership! For all of you food and feline fanatics, yearn no longer – instagram account @cats_in_food combines your life’s two greatest passions.

Created by Ksenia, a 22 year old artist and illustrator from Russia, Cats in Food, will make you equal parts happy and hungry. As cat lover who spends plenty of time stalking out fabulous felines on instagram, Ksenia started playing around with images of cats and food, and then BOOM, the account was born. Want to see your Fluffy in a Frappuccino? You can send her an image of your cat and she’ll craft a culinary-kitty creation just for you. Here are some of our favourites for your digestive pleasure.

More: Instagram h/t: styletails

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