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Artist Born Without Hands Draws Beautiful, Hyper-Realistic Portraits


Polish artist Mariusz Kędzierski does things a bit differently.

h/t: boredpanda, huffingtonpost

“I was just a kid who went to school and who was playing football with friends, but I was a little different,” 23-year-old Kędzierski told The Huffington Post. “I was born without arms.”

“But for me disability doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life. It doesn’t mean that I have to forget my dreams. Art has been my way of life for 7 years. Since that time I have drawn over 700 drawings that took me 15,000 hours. Meanwhile, I got 2nd prize “Best Global Artist” in Vienna in 2013. I participated in exhibitions in Cracow, Vienna, Oxford, Wroclaw and more. I’ve done one of my latest drawings during my travel through the Europe. I was working on the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Marseille, Venice, Rome, and Athens. I called this project ‘Mariusz Draws’. This way, I want to inspire people, show them that all the limits are in our heads.”, says artist to Bored Panda.


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