This Artist Uses A Powerful Projector To Create His ‘Crying Animals’ Series, That Showcases Endangered Specie

According to an artist Julien Nonnon: “Crying Animals is my new photography series, which makes us aware of the possible disappearance of emblematic animals from the mountains. More than a spotlight, it’s a cry of the heart calling to save and showcase the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

With an ephemeral nature of my frescoes made possible by a powerful projector, I wish to make the public aware of the threats these animals face in their natural environments.

I plan to project even more images of distinctive animals in other parts of the world. For instance: lions in the Moroccan Atlas, which disappeared in the 1950s, pumas in California, where their extinction has just been confirmed a few months ago, also Gorillas in the Great Lakes Region, where their vulnerability is now increased by conflicts in this region and deforestation.

Through the prism of my art, I also want to organize meetings between local populations and stakeholders in environmental and animal protection, to try to rally the young generation in this fight that will be theirs very soon.”

More: Julien Nonnon h/t: boredpanda

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