Artist Remade Her Old Typewriter Into An Octopus To Explore Higher Ideas – Design You Trust

Artist Remade Her Old Typewriter Into An Octopus To Explore Higher Ideas


“Self Organization is a bronze and mixed media sculpture I created to explore the idea of intelligence finding its selfhood. Like all of us who are alive, at some point, we must establish the “I” of our being. This work just puts that idea in a new light, in response to the AI technology that is being developed. A lot of my sculpture deals with the future while keeping an eye on the distant past.”, said Courtney Brown to Bored Panda.


“This bronze sculpture is one of a kind, no reproductions. I sculpted it out of wax, used the Lost Wax process to create a bronze which was then hand worked, over a three month period to integrate it into the typewriter. All together, I have been sculpting this piece for five years, on my free time, after work.”


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