These Powerful Images Capture The Spear-Wielding Tribes Of Papua New Guinea Who Believe They Are Possessed With The Spirit Of The Crocodile

These powerful images capture the spear-wielding tribes of Papua new Guinea who believe they are possessed with the spirit of the crocodile. They show how the Kangunaman clansmen scar their backs to resemble reptile scales while the Huli Wigmen wear elaborate headdresses to signal they are ready for battle. The Kunai men – armed with spears, bows and axes – are pictured with striking red, black and yellow paint on their faces. Northern Irish photographer Trevor Cole took the stunning images during a gathering of tribes known as a Sing-Sing.

The clans come together to show off their own cultures, dances and music. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

Stunning images capture the tribes of Papua New Guinea during a gathering of clans. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

One of the tribes pictured are the Kangunaman, who scar their backs to resemble reptile scales. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

The men of the fearsome Kunai tribe carry spears, bows and axes. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

A member of the Kunai tribe stands proudly in his traditional clothing. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

The different tribes were pictured during a gathering known as a Sing-Sing. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

These tribes’ very existence is threatened by flooding and deforestation. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

The incredible images were taken by photographer Trevor Cole. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

There around 65,000 Huli tribesmen living in the Tari Basin of Papua New Guinea. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

The Huli Wigmen paint their faces and bodies bright colours. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

These tribes remained largely untouched before the 1940s. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

Outsiders became more aware of them after planes carried Westerners over swampland and mountains. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

Cole, 61, says he tries to make his visits to remote areas as sustainable as possible. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

Cole also says he likes to take his photographs in the “golden hours” of sunrise and sunset. (Photo by Trevor Cole/Media Drum World)

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