Handsome Devils Puppets: These Eerie Puppets Are Made With Human Hair, Antique Lace, And A Dead Grandmother’s Jewelry

The artist Han overcomes personal trauma by making puppets reminiscent of memento mori. Inspired by morbid memories and antique funerary rituals, the Handsome Devils are hand-sculpted, incredibly detailed puppets, decorated with spooky ephemera like bones found in a field or fragments of the artist’s grandmother’s jewelry. In addition to original characters, many of the puppets Han builds are based on iconic horror films or famously mysterious personalities, like Sylvia Plath.

More info: Instagram (h/t: creators)

“Puppets are often very spiritual to me. They are so rooted in emotions and so therapeutic, both for me to make and for the future owner to manipulate, so the process is similarly intense for me,” the artist tells Creators. “Every puppet is clothed and accessorized with items of great meaning. Antique lace, found fabrics, pieces of my late grandmother’s jewelry… Every puppet I make is imbued with the power and strangeness of people who walked and left this weird world before them, and that is one of my favorite things about them.”

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