Faces of Tibet

There are more than 10 ethnic groups living in the Tibet autonomous region. Ethnic groups living on the plateau not only keep traditions from generations past, but also face the modern way of life full of hope. China Daily photographer Kuang Linhua has captured these images of the remarkable lifestyles in the region.

Yagpe, 82, a practitioner of divination demonstrates an ancient ritual in her kitchen in Chab Nag village, Mainling county, in July. The Lhoba ethnic group believed these fortune tellers represented a divine link between the gods and humanity and could heal the sick. She is one of just two such practitioners in the region as modern medicine has became more popular.

Maria, a Catholic, lives with her husband, a Buddhist, in Yargading village, Markam county. Tibet’s unique Christianity has deep roots in the village.

Tsering Yudron (right), 40, owner of the Lhasa Smile teahouse, and clerk Zomkyi, 25, proudly display their establishment in Medog county, Nyingchi prefecture, in July. They came to the county in southeast Tibet from Lhoka prefecture three years ago to open the teahouse.

A young man enjoys a welcome respite from the July heat in a teahouse in Medog county. There are only 10 KTV-style entertainment venues in this area where the Tibetan-style teahouses are popular.

Members of the Tibetan ethnic group take a well-earned moment of rest from the highland barley harvest in Qamdo prefecture in July. Highland barley has been grown on the plateau for centuries, and wine made from the crop is a popular refreshment. People on the plateau live in harmony with the land and the circle of nature.

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