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Majestic Photos Of Mount Fuji At Dawn That Will Inspire Your Week

These photos of Japan’s Mount Fuji capture the majesty and quiet beauty of the iconic sight. Shot by Japanese photographer Takashi Nakazawa, these monochromatic scenes capture the quiet, clear hours around the mountain before the sun is fully risen.

According to most photography guides, this is the prime time to shoot photos of the mountain. If you wait any longer, the atmosphere won’t be as clear and you’re more likely to encounter serious cloud coverage. For Nakazawa, these photos of Mount Fuji are a message for the rest of the world.

“I hope that people around the world will know Japanese charm through my Mt Fuji photos,” he says. “And I would like them to come to Japan and actually see it.”

More: Takashi Nakazawa, Instagram h/t: sobadsogood, mymodernmet

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