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Things with Faces

Things with Faces (Pareidolia) are photographs of objects that resemble the appearance of an animal or face. Pareidolia is an optical illusion which involves identifying shapes in objects where they are not present. The psychological phenomenon often takes the form of seeing faces in inanimate objects where subtle facial characteristics are perceived. Former science professor Carl Sagan speculated that pareidolia evolved in humans as a survival mechanism to easily recognize other human faces.

Untitled. Author.

The “OMG Wall” (Groningen, Groningen, NL). Author.

Ski twins. Author.

Lifeless Face. Author.

Pole face. Author.

Librarian Face. Author.

Happy Dingy Face. Author.

ミステリアス雑司ヶ谷. Author.

Untitled. Author.

:p Author.

So Sad. Author.

Say Cheese. Author.

Santa Vespa. Author.

Tree scream. Author.

Schiefes Lächeln | Skew smile. Author.

Lo spavento – fear. Author.

Oh! Grazie! Non dovevi disturbarti! Author.

Huh? Author.

Untitled. Author.

She pissed on me. Author.

Spooky pot. Author.

Visage. Author.

Down and out. Author.

Eheh. Author.

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