A Meditative Photo Series Shows Tokyo’s Loneliest Moments

Yota Yoshida’s contemplative images are far from what you’d expect from the most populous metropolitan area in the world. A street photographer hailing from Tokyo, takes ideas of time and temporality to metaphysical heights in his new photographic series, ‘from somewhere, to elsewhere.’

More info: Yota Yoshida (h/t: creators)

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Gauguin, and ideas of life’s circularity derived from Buddhism, the series revolves around three separate perceptions of time: yours (as the viewer), the photographer’s, and his subjects’.

“Those pictured in the photos, me as I write this, and you who are looking at the photographs all exist right now in our own respective times,” Yoshida tells Creators. “To me, ‘you’ are the future, the presence of which I can only imagine. You probably sense the photographic subjects and me living in different times. The series is also a letter from myself and them to you, who are ‘elsewhere’ in this story.”

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