T-Rex Wedding Photo Shoot Proves Love’s Not Dead

A Spokane (Washington, US) photography company is doing its part to spread a little love and light in the world with a photo shoot posted on its website Tuesday afternoon. Greg Basil and Maria Adams Photography posted a series of 18 photos showing the engagement photos between two T-Rexes in the January snow, complete with scarves. The dinosaurs are seen holding hands at sunset, riding a bike and posing by a lake.

More info: Greg Basil and Maria Adams Photography (h/t: khq)

Basil explained they wanted to share the photos to share “The exploding love they have for each other. Taken locally in Spokane, WA proving that everyone can love each other no matter who they are. Letting the world know that T-Rexes are not just animals, but a loving creature that shares the world with us.”

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