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A Mermaid’s Perspective: Underwater Photos That Will Make You Question Which Way Is Up

According to photographer Jenny Adler: “Gazing below the surface, from just the right angle and perspective, the underwater world takes over the sky. I like to call this the view from the eyes of the mermaids.”

“I swim in the gin-clear fresh water of Florida’s springs and take underwater photos full of illusions that may make you question which way is up. The idea is this: on a peninsula surrounded by the sea and dotted with springs, lakes, and wetlands, we see what appears to be an unlimited resource. This deceptive mirage floods our brains even as groundwater is depleted, wells are sucked dry, and ecosystems are drastically altered. We want to believe that water is an endless resource, but in reality, this is sadly not the case. These photos represent our relationship with fresh water.”

“Besides providing our most basic resource, springs are also my favorite place to escape. These freshwater oases are places where magical reflections play tricks on my mind, engulfing me in a swaying green paradise. And at the interface of air and water, there are incredible distortions and mind-bending special effects. Hovering weightlessly, I am suspended in a crystal clear utopia… while I’m submerged, the rest of the world is on hold. I invite you to join me…”


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