True Art Must Excite! Novosibirsk Authorities Have Refused To Remake The Skating Rink, Which Is Nicknamed “Phallic Symbol Of The City”

The City Hall of Novosibirsk (Russia) has no plans to change the New Year skating rink built on the city square near the Opera and Ballet Theater.

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Last weekend, photographer Slava Stepanov posted on Facebook a view of the main tree, skating rink and ice town of Novosibirsk taken from a bird’s-eye view.

After that, users in social networks began to joke that the rink is similar in shape to a penis, calling it “a phallic symbol of the city” and “a New Year’s message to the people.

Deputy Mayor of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova commented on the rush around the rink. “True art should excite!” – she wrote on her Facebook. In response to the indignant comments Tereshkova also noticed that the authorities do not intend to remake the rink.

However, not all residents of Novosibirsk are angry – many liked the rink. Others call the unusual shape of the rink an excellent PR project, because of which now everyone is talking about the city.

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