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“Heaven’s Hell”: The Book Of Afterlife Adventures By Anthony Jones

Heaven’s Hell – The Art of Anthony Jones (previously), a beautifully presented, 128 page soft back art book from publisher Design Studio Press. This book explores the world of Heaven’s Hell, a place that takes place in the afterlife. The premise is that when you die, your spirit or soul is transported to another realm of being.

“When you die on your world, you are born in this world. Some may call this the afterlife, a spiritual rebirth, heaven, hell, damnation. For me, it’s my playground.” —Lasaaj (a character from Heaven’s Hell)

The life you were living before was a test to prepare you for the afterlife. Because in your new life, you will have to fight, not only for your survival, but also for rewards. The rewards are given to those who are victorious in ending the existence of others in huge battle arenas, and they grant people divine intervention and power that essentially help them communicate back to their old worlds. Sometimes it’s for good, sometimes for bad, helping to illuminate the existence of miracles and tragic disasters throughout all religious history.

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