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“The Faces Of Fear”: The Superb Dark Concept Art By Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones is a concept artist and illustrator working in the film and video game industry. He has worked for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, SCEA Santa Monica, Hasbro and ROBLOX Corporation.

“I have been working the entertainment industry since 2007, working for some of the best studios in the industry including; Blizzard, Sony Santa Monica, Paramount Pictures, Hasbro Toys, Western Costumes. Currently I am a part time instructor and educator at robotpencil.net

I have been teaching since 2010, and have educated and helped thousands of aspiring artists to begin, or find their careers. I still do freelance, as a way to stay fresh and have fresh things to teach. My mantra is that talent is earned, not given,” he says.

More info: Anthony Jones, Artstation, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

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